Essential Guide To Retail Shop Fittings

From keeping up with the latest marketing trends to maintaining healthy stock levels, it’s no secret that running a business always keeps you on your toes. One of the more administrative responsibilities of managing a small retail business is ensuring that the fixtures and layout are optimised for sales. This process is commonly known as shop fitting.

Whether you’re a startup or have been managing your space for years, the layout of your store says a lot about your business, which can directly impact your revenue. We’ll detail what shop fitting is and what to consider in your shop fitting design.

What is a shop fitting?

Shop fitting involves fitting out retail stores and service shops with equipment, display fixtures and fittings. Almost all retail or service stores require a shop fitting before they open their doors to the public. Depending on the business owner's experience, they may choose to fit out their store with retail fixtures and fittings or hire an expert.

Retail shop fittings are an integral part of opening your business and may include the following equipment or fixtures:

Shop fitting designs — what to consider when fitting out your store

Shop fitting designs say a lot about a business and can even be why a customer chooses to browse elsewhere! Having a store layout that flows seamlessly and is practical to customers is essential. Customers value inviting and aesthetically pleasing stores — it can also encourage them to make a purchase!

If you’ve decided to fit out your store on your own, there are a few things you will need to consider, such as:

  • Layout — Think about the path you want your customers to take when they enter, and note the items you want them to see as they walk through the store. This is important as it can help you decide which items to place at the front of the store to entice customers. Your layout should also feature the areas you want security, such as cameras or alarms.
  • Floor plan — Drawing up a rough floor plan can help you visualise where you want your shelving, signage or other fixtures. It can also help you determine whether your customers will have enough space to browse comfortably. Aside from deciding on your shelving and point-of-sale displays, don’t forget to make space for fixed items like fire extinguishers and power points.

How to get started on your shop fit-out idea

Once your store’s layout is nailed down, it’s time to move on to the finer details. This develops the look and feel of your store and helps play a part in attracting loyal customers.

  • Overall style and theme — Whether you’re looking to go rustic, modern or contemporary, you will need to consider how to incorporate these elements throughout your store. Interior design and decor are just as important as the layout.
  • Lighting — Ensure your products look their best by presenting them in their best light (literally). Depending on your product range, you might want to consider overhead or downlighting. If you are looking to go with a specific mood for your store, lighting can help achieve your desired look.
  • Branding — Brand identity and awareness are integral for any newly established business. Make sure your business’s branding will be displayed clearly throughout your store and is distinctive from competitors.

Shop for Shops — home to exceptional retail fixtures and fittings

There’s no better feeling than opening your doors for the first time and welcoming lifelong customers. But before taking that exciting step, you’ll need to fit out your store — and what better place to start than Shop for Shops?

Whether you’re decking your store out with slat walls or peg boards, Shop for Shops has got you covered. We are one of Australia’s leading retail fitting, shelving and fixtures stores that provide an extensive range of off-the-shelf and tailor-made solutions.

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How much does a shop fit-out cost roughly?

Shop fit-outs can vary in price as they depend on your store's space and whether you require a custom fit-out. According to Oneflare, the average cost of a store fit-out per square metre ranges from around $200 to $2,300.

How can I save money on shop fitting costs?

Business owners looking to reduce their shop fitting costs can purchase their fittings in bulk. Shop for Shops offers bulk buy options across our range of retail fittings at a discounted price.

Do I need to hire an expert fit-out company?

This will come down to personal preference and your budget. The role of a fit-out company is to manage and execute your shop fitting design — a great option if you are time-poor and don’t have much experience, though they can be a more costly option than a DIY approach.