Shop for Shops understands that our actions and our inactions can make a difference to the world.
We have been actively working for some years improving our sustainability as an organisation though improved product design and materials selection, product packaging, supply chain optimisation and business improvements.
We are not finished. We are on a journey.  We commit to making further improvements to our products, packaging, materials and business to reduce our environmental impact.
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Our Sustainable Product Ethos
  • We design and manufacture products that work well and last – the longer they last the more sustainable they are. It is that simple.
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  • Shop for Shops is a proud member of The Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO).
  • We value APCO’s support and expertise to help us on the journey to reduce the amount of packaging going to landfill as well as working towards Australia’s 2025 National Packaging Targets.
  • For more information about APCO please visit www.apco.org.au.

  • The design and packaging of our products can have a big impact on the environment.
  • Providing flat packet items wherever practical reduces shipping, delivery and packaging costs with resultant reductions in fuel costs and subsequent reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Our product design team consider packaging materials as part of product design. We have committed to using Sustainable Product Guidelines to help us meet our objectives.
  • We have already removed plastic packaging from our biggest selling items. This work is ongoing.
  • We have already replaced expanded polystyrene (foam) packaging with cardboard for our biggest selling lines of clothes racks, shelving, back panels, hanging accessories and slatwall panels.
  • Work is being done to replace more foam packaging with recyclable alternatives.
Our Commitment to FSC® Certified Paper Products

  • The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) provides the worlds most trusted sustainable forest management solution.
  • As the original pioneers of forest certification, FSC have 25 years of experience in sustainable forest management. They use their expertise to promote the responsible management of the world’s forests, bringing together experts from the environmental, economic and social spheres.
  • For more information about FSC please visit www.fsc.org.
  • Shop for Shops proudly only offer paper bags and tissue paper made from paper sourced from FSC certified sustainable forests. 
  • Look for the FSC logo printed on the paper bags, and tissue paper boxes.
  • In the coming years all Shop for Shops printed signage products will also be sourced from FSC certified sustainable forests.
Chrome Plating
  • While items finished by chrome plating are safe to use, the actual chrome plating process uses some toxic chemicals.
  • Shop for Shops only uses chrome plating factories which are approved by authorities and have an approved waste treatment facility.
  • Shop for Shops is actively reducing the amount of chrome plated products.
Ethical Sourcing
  • Sourcing product from suppliers who follow local rules concerning labour and health & safety has always been important to Shop for Shops. 
  • The use of bonded/forced labour or child labour does not happen in any factory Shop for Shops sources product from. 
  • In 2022 we have conducted a full assessment to ensure we comply with Modern Slavery legislation.


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