Pegboard Retail Displays: Benefits & Ideas

Pegboard retail displays are a great way to store, organise and display products in your store. If you’re looking for wall-mounted display panels for showcasing merchandise, our pegboard displays can be easily customised to suit your business needs.

This blog will discuss handy pegboard ideas for your business. But first, let’s take a closer look at the benefits of investing in pegboard retail displays.

The benefits of a pegboard retail display

Pegboard displays make it easy to keep items organised while taking up minimal space in your store — showing off your products in style. Whether your store is big or small, many retail outlets opt for pegboard displays for their versatility and convenience.

The benefits of using pegboard displays are:


The main selling point of Shop for Shop’s retail pegboards is that you can use a wide array of accessories to set up the pegboard to suit your needs. Use a Peggie wall mount set to mount your pegboard panel or plain panel to the wall, or the included MAXe mounting brackets that fit into the MAXE posts, gondolas and free-standing display systems with our standardised 1200mm width.

You can dress these panels with pegs or brass pegs, shelves, easels, hangrails, prongs, hooks, cups, mirrors, note boards and acrylic signage holders to suit your needs. The countless holes across the pegboard provide the ideal blank canvas for creating a unique display to suit your products.

The best part? The unit could not be easier to assemble, and accessories can clip in and out of place to rearrange the set-up as needed. Whether you opt for rows of hanging products or a hanging display for clothing or accessories, the possibilities are endless with pegboard displays.

Create a seamless shopping experience for customers

Pegboard displays are the optimal way to organise your store so customers can easily walk down aisles and find the products they need. And since pegboards are lightweight but reliably sturdy, you can relocate your pegboard around the store as needed.

From rows of products to arranged goods by hangsell or a mix of both, pegboard ideas are endless. It’s no wonder why pegboard standing displays are so popular across supermarkets, pharmacies, petrol stations, clothing stores and more.

Nifty pegboard ideas

When it comes to retail pegboards, there are no bounds to the types of fixtures you can create to showcase your products and increase sales. If you’re unsure where to start, we have some helpful pegboard ideas for you to implement in-store:

Create a hangsell display

A hangsell display is a great way to make the most of the high volume of perforations on the panels to maximise your amount of displayed stock. Use Peggie top hangers to hang numerous items of clothing, Peggie clip hangers for pants and skirts and our Peggie graphic holder to display your pricing. The Peggie hangrail sits on two pegs and has a load capacity of 10kg for ultimate hanging capacity.

Secure the Peggie mirror on a peg notch so customers can look at their new potential wardrobe addition. For sunglasses, you can’t miss the Peggie eyewear holder for customers to flick through and find their favourite pair easily. You can utilise pegs and hooks to display goods for your customers, from clothing to packaged products like electronics or toys.

Showcase your best products with a window display

When designing your store layout, you can’t just think about the aisles in your store. You must consider the customers who will walk past your store and glimpse into your storefront. That’s where a window display comes in handy — to generate customers’ attention when passing by at any time of day. By utilising shelving or display stands on the upper half of the unit, you can display goods better at eye level to capture customers’ attention.

Switch it up with slanted shelving

For something different, consider slanting your shelving downwards at an angle to flatter products with thinner edges, like books or journals. This unique display style will give your store a modern edge and entice your customers to reach for a book.

Use bins or wire baskets to store loose items

No matter your store, there are bound to be unusual-shaped items that aren’t ideal for hanging on display. Their odd shapes would make it tricky to form paralleled lines on your pegboard retail display. That’s where Peggie baskets that can be attached to pegboard displays come in useful. Shop for Shops has a range of different-sized baskets and an incredible range of pegboard accessories, including a Peggie cup to store stationery.

Invest in pegboard standing displays from Shop for Shops today

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