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How well your business operates depends on you always having the items you need close at hand. If you hate leaving your shop floor unattended and consistently need to search for products to make your next sale, it’s time to invest in garage storage systems to organise your stock and keep everything within easy reach.

Shop for Shops can help you design a customised shed and garage storage system to help you maintain a seamless workflow, reduce inventory loss and cut down on inefficiencies that can put your operations at risk. Explore our collections of fixtures and fittings, including shelving, pegboards and rails, to optimise your storage and help you spend more time in front of the house, where your attention counts. 

Discover our garage storage systems you can depend on

As Australia’s leading supplier of retail fittings and fixtures, we stock a range that’s purposely designed and constructed to meet the demanding needs of your business and industry. Whether it’s to store stock, house tooling and equipment or create a central store for your office, you can benefit from garage storage systems that organise your items and create a dedicated home for every product. 

Browse through our range of ready-made options or contact us and we can custom design garage storage systems to your exacting needs. With some of the sturdiest and toughest finishes in the game, we have all the requirements to fit out your shed or garage. From a tool wall to a collection of heavy storage boxes, our systems will handle it all.

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As the premier destination for commercial and residential shed and garage storage systems, we can help you cut through your business’s bottlenecks and create effective storage systems that are easy to maintain. Browse our entire range, which includes the Slatwall Timber Laminate Centre Plank, to stop searching for lost stock again.


What are the essential factors to consider when planning a garage fit-out?

  • Identify how you want your warehousing to function — whether it’s to improve access to pieces you frequently need or for long-term holding. Try to anticipate your business’s or family’s future needs and allow for extra space to expand as your requirements grow.
  • Tailor garage storage solutions to the items you wish to store and whether shelving and fixtures can support the collective weight of all your pieces.
  • Consider interchangeable fixtures that can be moved and adapted to your needs and can help in organising your stock for easy access.
  • Instal fittings to include your most used products at the front for instant access and place heavier items on fixtures at the bottom to minimise lifting and straining your joints. 

Are shed storage solutions weather-resistant and suitable for outdoor use?

Yes — our garage storage systems are durably made with sealed, heavy-duty finishes to withstand the elements and the rigours of busy workspaces.

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